Thursday, February 09, 2006

Judges Acting as President?

Hugh Hewitt called attention to this most interesting Washington Post story today. It's worth the time to read not only the entire Post article but all of Hugh's posts today on this subject, which do an excellent job of concisely explaining the issues.

The thing that troubles me is that it appears that the FISA court judges -- for the most part one judge -- are unilaterally setting our country's national security/surveillance policies, without so much as review by a higher court. In a convoluted way, we have an unelected judge acting as Commander in Chief, laying out the "rules" for the wiretapping on her own initiative.

Meanwhile, the duly elected Commander in Chief is accused of an untoward power grab, or worse, when he attempts to exert his lawful executive authority to protect our nation.

Something is really wrong with this scenario. Or, as Hugh wrote today, "This is a very odd situation." I'd say that's an understatement.

Someone needs to dethrone Queen Kollar-Kotelly and reinstate the Presidency.

Friday Morning Update: Hugh Hewitt has a new post on the subject this morning, headlined "President Kollar-Kotelly."


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