Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Just when I think I've heard it all about the public schools in my county...I learn that the Santa Ana Unified School District is using thousands of Spanish-language textbooks provided by the Mexican government.

One such book is called "Our Constitution." The U.S. Constitution? Nope. Mexico's!

Another book chronicles the "disastrous" Mexican-American War and depicts the United States flag as the enemy flag.

Rosemarie Avila, a member of the Santa Ana Board of Education, writes that a majority of school board members refuse to hold a public vote on whether or not to continue accepting and using the books.

The Mexican government explains why it invests in this program: "Since one-sixth of Mexican nationals live abroad, we have an obligation to educate them."

Hmmm. Instead of providing divisive curriculum materials designed to promote Mexican nationalism and slow down cultural assimilation, if the Mexican government really wants to educate its citizens, perhaps it could reimburse California taxpayers for the thousands upon thousands of Mexican nationals in this country illegally who are receiving a free public education at our expense.

Will it happen? Of course not.


Blogger Mrs. Happy Housewife said...

I shouldn't be shocked but I am.

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