Tuesday, March 28, 2006

L.A. Police to Cite Truant Student Protestors...

...beginning on Wednesday.

I'd like to know why the students who stopped freeway traffic over the last two days, endangering their safety and that of others, weren't ticketed immediately.

Update: Michelle Malkin has a photo taken at California's Montebello High School, where students hung a Mexican flag over an upside-down American flag.

Free Republic also has a series of disturbing photos of the protest scenes at various Southern California high schools. As at my daughter's high school, these were not pro-United States patriotic rallies, but pro-Mexican rallies asserting the right of illegal aliens to live in their "homeland."

Wednesday Morning Update: Captain's Quarters reacts to the divisive pro-Mexico student demonstrations: "The increasing sense of entitlement for illegals in the area" is "enabling people to argue that the illegals are returning to their own land and that the US lacks the sovereignty to declare otherwise."


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