Thursday, March 16, 2006

Reiner Broke Prop. 10 Campaign Promise

Daniel Weintraub of The Sacramento Bee writes that the official campaign ballot argument for Rob Reiner's Proposition 10 tobacco tax in 1998 was that the money would be spent locally on children's programs and was "not big government."

The irony is that while a majority of the money has been used at the local level, Reiner has been using some of those very "not big government" funds to sell the public on the need for big government -- his state-run "universal" preschool program.

Weintraub writes in another column about how Reiner is eroding public trust, as "the latest in a long line of public officials so blinded by their own belief in the goodness of their cause that they begin to believe anything done in the service of that goal has to be right, and any criticism has to be from the forces of evil."

Yep, as mentioned here Tuesday, it was all "for the children," so how dare anyone criticize.

Meanwhile, Hugh Hewitt points the way today to the brand-new website, Fire Reiner!.


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