Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Rob Reiner's "Press Conference"

Bill Bradley has a detailed rundown of Rob Reiner's press conference Tuesday in Sacramento, in which Reiner used what Bradley termed "the Sergeant Schultz defense, with Bill Clinton variant."

Not only does Reiner know virtually nothing about his commission's First Five ad campaign, he claimed "To this day I have not seen the ads."

That would make him about the only person in California not to have seen the ads, which I believe raises questions about Reiner's veracity.

(Hat tip: Hugh Hewitt.)

Update: Part of the San Francisco Chronicle subheadline on Reiner is "He Never Saw TV Commercial." Somehow I think those words will haunt Reiner.

The San Jose Mercury News today says "One of preschool's major objectives is to teach the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior. Rob Reiner needs a refresher course."



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