Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pending CA Bill Requires Schools Teach Gay History

There is a disturbing bill up for consideration in the California legislature, which would require history textbooks to teach the contributions of gay people in our nation's history.

As Karen England of Capitol Resource Institute says: "If we're discussing history, who someone had sex with is inappropriate." There's simply no need for the subject to come up...except that it fits in with the agenda of gay activists to "normalize" gay lifestyles in the eyes of children.

As Joanne Jacobs writes, California is one of the nation's biggest textbook purchasers so publishers often create textbooks to fit California requirements...then the rest of the nation also gets stuck with the same books.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This bill will should provide great material for late night comedians.
Can you imagine who they will select from the wealth of gay californians that have contributed to our states history? And how will the text book writers determine the gay heroe's gayness?
Maybe a process similar to determining eligibility for sainthood. There wood have to be atleast 2 verifiable gay sexual experiences and a lifetime of etraordinary queerness. Oh yeah, and then they would have to have done something historic and unusual
in California. No I don't think Richard Geer would qualify.
Pat M.

2:07 PM  

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