Thursday, August 31, 2006

Arnold Needs a Veto Pen

Governor Schwarzenegger is not having his best week in office.

As Iain Murray explains at The Corner: "Gov. Schwarzenegger has done a deal with the legislature to cap greenhouse gas emissions, essentially imposing Kyoto on his state... It is hard to escape the conclusion that what California has done to decide to join the Third World."

Among other things, this could lead to more expensive utility bills for California consumers, which would be a real hardship given how sharply those bills have increased this year alone.

Meanwhile, the legislature has passed a bill which will make California's minimum wage the highest in the nation. It appears the governor will sign it.

The legislature also passed a bill prohibiting "teachers and textbooks from portraying homosexuality, cross-dressing, sex-change operations and homosexual marriage in a negative light." As of yesterday, it was not known whether or not the Governor would sign it.


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