Saturday, September 02, 2006

Glenn Ford, Patriot

Glenn Ford was not only a beloved actor, he was part of a bygone era when movie stars were patriots who served on the front lines.

Phil Brennan of NewsMax focuses on Ford's military career (linked above). While Brennan's assertion that the actor's obits ignored his military career is not entirely true (witness this short mention in the L.A. Times), his essay does an excellent job focusing attention on Ford's military career, which stretched from WWII to Vietnam.

Ford leaves movie fans with happy memories of great films made during Hollywood's Golden Era, including GILDA, BLACKBOARD JUNGLE, and THE COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER. THE FASTEST GUN ALIVE has been sitting in my "watch soon" stack for a few weeks now.

Like many people of a certain age, however, I think Ford might be most appreciated by me for his brief but moving portrayal of Jonathan Kent in SUPERMAN. In his few scenes he conveyed both humor and poignance, creating a truly unforgettable performance. "There's one thing I know for sure, son. And that is, you are here for a reason..."

The London Times has another excellent obituary, and be sure to check out the remembrance posted by our friends at The Shelf.


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