Monday, September 18, 2006

"I Forgive, I Forgive"

The dying words of Sister Leonella, who was likely murdered by Islamic Jihadists, after devoting decades of her life to helping those in need.

It strikes me that, just as Pope John Paul II was instrumental in the battle against Communism, Pope Benedict XVI may prove to play a significant role in the ongoing worldwide battle against Islamofascists, who respond to the slightest questioning or criticism -- whether in editorial cartoons or by the Pope -- with riots and murder.

And where are the Islamic leaders from this so-called "religion of peace" speaking out against the violence? Not daring to open their mouths, I suspect.

Particularly after the murder of Sister Leonella, it's hard not to think that, by speaking out, the Pope has put his life at some level of risk. He is in my prayers.

The Anchoress, a fine writer, has continuous updates on this important story.

Richard John Neuhaus of First Things: "It can be argued that the Regensburg lecture will turn out to be the most important statement by a world leader in the post–September 11 period."


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