Friday, September 01, 2006

A Retro Labor Day Barbecue

I stumbled across the new COOKOUT USA: GRILLING FAVORITES COAST TO COAST, by Georgia Orcutt and John Margolies, in a bookstore last week. I love "retro" graphic designs of the '40s and '50s so the cover immediately caught my eye.

The book contains BBQ recipes from all 50 states. It's illustrated with a treasure trove of vintage travel brochures, postcards, advertisements, and other "fun stuff." I purchased it on the spot, and we'll be making the Roasted Corn recipe (from the state of Illinois) on Sunday. We've been meaning to learn how to roast corn on the outdoor grill for some time now (we usually boil it), so now's the time!

There are a couple other wonderful retro style barbecue books on the market, RETRO BARBECUE, by Linda Everett, and PATIO DADDY-O by Gideon Bosker, et al. RETRO RANCH by C.W. Welch also contains many recipes which would be appropriate for a "cookout weekend."

All of the above titles are colorfully illustrated, enjoyable to look at as well as to cook from.

Happy Labor Day weekend!


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