Friday, October 13, 2006

A Harry Reid Real Estate Roundup

Various members of the blogosphere are doing a great job researching Harry Reid and his highly questionable real estate profit. (Does his windfall remind anyone else of Hillary Clinton and the cattle futures?)

Captain's Quarters, as always, is on the cutting edge with fresh research and information.

Hugh Hewitt has several posts asking questions about the history of Reid's real estate deal as well as rounding up relevant links.

Michelle Malkin also has interesting links as well as excerpts from some newspaper editorial pages.

Tom Bevan wonders what Reid's hangup on the AP, which Bevan calls "a bizarre mixture of petulance and contempt," says about Reid.

And Rich Noyes of NewsBusters has this interesting bit: Reid's attorney is the brother of the managing editor of the Las Vegas Review Journal. Wonder what kind of coverage Reid receives in his home state?

Noyes is also keeping an eye on the lack of network coverage of the Reid story -- nothing on the Friday morning news shows today.


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