Saturday, October 21, 2006

Weekend Sports Stories

My oldest son's favorite NASCAR driver, Ward Burton, returns to the Nextel Cup series Sunday after a two-year layoff.

Ward's brother Jeff is the current points leader in the chase for this year's championship. We are rooting for Jeff or Mark Martin to win. Jeff struggled for a lot of years (our youngest daughter still wears his old sponsorless 99 gear), and it's very exciting to see him doing so well.

Having Ward back is another real feel-good story. He's a class act, and we hope he's back to stay.

In other sports news, Brendan Loy, the Irish Trojan, has some great in-the-stands video of Notre Dame's last-minute victory over UCLA today. As a Trojan family both teams are our rivals, but we're glad to see anyone beat UCLA. :)


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