Saturday, November 04, 2006

More Memories of Luke and Laura

The L.A. Times ran a fascinating article today on the detective work involved putting together this month's SoapNet tribute to GENERAL HOSPITAL'S long-running couple, Luke and Laura. The producers of the upcoming clip show and Thanksgiving marathon had to venture to underground vaults in Pennsylvania to hunt down the original copies of the show's classic episodes.

I have more Luke and Laura (and Robert, Anna, Frisco and Felicia) episodes on Beta videotape than I would probably care to admit (grin), but I don't have the earliest episodes, which predate my first VCR, acquired in the summer of 1980. I've about convinced myself to order the digital cable package which includes SoapNet, at least for this month, so I can record their Thanksgiving Day L&L nostalgia festival.

My favorite Luke and Laura episodes: Laura's first "return from the dead" in the fall of 1983. That storyline remains among my fondest TV viewing memories.

Anyone else recall the Christopher Cross song "Think of Laura" which was used as background music in those 1983 shows? I came across a wonderful (if slightly blurry) montage on YouTube which has clips of L&L set to that music. It will move anyone who was a GH fan over the last quarter century. Check it out. :)

For more memories of Luke and Laura, see my previous post.


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