Tuesday, January 23, 2007

79th Academy Award Nominations

I don't have a great deal of reaction to the Oscar nominations, other than to say I think it's a shame that the Academy omitted UNITED 93 from the Best Picture list. This is one of those strange situations where UNITED 93 director Paul Greengrass was nominated for Best Director, yet his film was not nominated for Best Picture. It deserved it.

I was glad to see Helen Mirren's recognition for THE QUEEN; I'm still looking forward to seeing that one. Meryl Streep's nomination for THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA was very deserved in my eyes.

And that's about the end of my interest in this year's Academy Awards...


Blogger Irene said...

I did see the Devil Wears Prada on DVD and enjoyed it a lot so I am happy about Ms. Streep's nomination. The only other movie I saw was Dream Girls which I loved! That was a big upset to have it the most nominated film and yet not be nominated for Best Picture. I'm not saying it was, but still ... very odd. I would like to see Jennifer Hudson win Best Supporting Actress. She was phenomenal in that role. Not just the singing but also the acting. I think I would like to see The Queen.

12:58 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

My college-age daughter saw DREAM GIRLS a few days ago and emailed that it was "AMAZING" and I should go see it! Glad to hear your reaction to it as well. I will definitely make it a point to see it, if not in a theater than on DVD.



1:05 PM  

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