Thursday, January 18, 2007

John Fund on Arnold's Health Plan

Among John Fund's interesting points: "...the governor's plan piles on a new mandate that bars insurers from turning down anyone based on health status or age. When New Jersey instituted a similar rule in 1993, premiums jumped 500%."

After assessing Schwarzenegger's changing political philosophies and broken pledge against tax increases, Fund writes: "Arnold Schwarzenegger used to claim he admired Ronald Reagan most 'because he stuck by his principles when others wouldn't.' But with his Rube Goldberg health plan Mr. Schwarzenegger has demonstrated that at his core he prefers roles more suited to Tricky Dick than the Gipper. Should he succeed, the long-term dream of nationalized health care held by Ted Kennedy, and Hillary Clinton, will be closer to reality than ever."


Blogger UGN said...

This seems as good a post as any for me to place this comment about Arnold's Health/Global Warming/Immigration plans.

There is no doubt that if a Democratic governor did something that so betrayed the ideals of his party that there would be rioting in the street.

Why can't we Republicans get off our butts to soundly reject this HORRIBLE proposal by Arnold. This is insane!

We need someone with a high profile to lead the backlash against Benedict Arnold.

10:02 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I'm afraid many Republican politicians are too anxious these days to be liked by the media and the Democrats...thus we have Arnold bending over backwards to embrace a liberal agenda, while the media hails him as being bipartisan or mainstream or moderate... Tom McClintock, bless him, commented that he could not trust Arnold in future, because Arnold reneged on his anti-tax pledge.

What both the state and national Republican party need now is someone who can embrace and put forth a conservative agenda in the winning style of Ronald Reagan. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be anyone on the we are left with unreliable "conservative" RINOs like McCain, Romney, and Schwarzenegger as our leaders.

So for now I guess it's up to the grassroots folks like us to try to turn back Arnold's agenda...


12:16 AM  

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