Friday, January 05, 2007

New Book: Talking With My Mouth Full

While browsing at Barnes & Noble after seeing THE HOLIDAY, I came across Bonny Wolf's TALKING WITH MY MOUTH FULL, which I had recently read about in USA TODAY and THE WASHINGTON TIMES.

Wolf, who works for NPR, has written a collection of essays on food, interspersed with recipes. It looks like an entertaining read -- I couldn't resist picking it up. (A side note, I love good graphic art -- the cover is wonderful.)

Eileen Goudge's SOMETHING WARM FROM THE OVEN also looked appealing; I may pick it up another time. I came home and immediately did an internet search for the recipe for Goudge's Chocolate Molasses Crinkles which I'd spotted in her book, and happily found it on her website. They sound wonderful.


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