Friday, February 16, 2007

Wow (Grey's Anatomy Does It Again)

I just watched last night's GREY'S ANATOMY. I was gasping for air so loudly at the end I must have sounded as though I had whooping cough (grin).

It wasn't exactly a dream, but for GREY'S fans, the last 30 seconds has to be right up there with Bobby stepping out of the shower on DALLAS, or Bob waking up next to Emily in the last episode of NEWHART.

SPOILER ALERT: The subject link will take you to Grey Matter, the official blog of the GREY'S ANATOMY writers. The surprise is blown in the very first line of the entry, so please do not click if you haven't yet seen the show. There are already over 3000 comments. I wonder if that's a record...

The episode may have been slightly manipulative, jerking the chains of Derek-Meredith fans one more time, but perhaps this experience will help yank Meredith out of the self-pity she's been feeling as a result of her "parental abandonment" issues. And it was so rivetingly done.

While I'm on the topic of GREY'S ANATOMY, I continue to be impressed with the gradual maturation of the former and still occasional jerk, Dr. Alex Karev. Whoever would have thought the Alex of old would have more than a passing interest in...obstetrics? I suspect that what Alex is going through in this three-parter will continue to impact him for the better.

We now return you to your regular programming...


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