Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yale Comes to USC

My daughter and I spent her high school years gobbling up GILMORE GIRLS on DVD. So it's fairly surreal for her to see Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) walking around the USC campus in a graduation gown this week!

USC stands in for Yale on the series. (In LEGALLY BLONDE, USC was Harvard, so it's an equal opportunity Ivy League "location.") The show was also on campus one day last fall. Lauren Graham (Lorelai) and David Sutcliffe (Christopher) were very kind to the college kids watching them film and even took the time to pose for photos at the end of a very long shooting day. The show's crew also went out of their way to explain things and answer questions for the interested students.

Based on a look at Gilmore Girls Spoilers, the episode filming this week will be airing on May 8th.


Blogger Dana said...

My favorite element of Gilmore Girls was always that bullet speed of the witty repartee between mom & daughter and all the literary/pop culture references...however, since Amy Paladin left this year I noticed the writing isn't what it used to be. The characters have become more myopic and self-centered and it takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r for common sense to find its home and there just doesn' seem to be the snap there once was...which is such a disappointment. Anyone else feel this way?

2:12 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I really love the pop culture references as well. :)

Truthfully I was so displeased by a certain plot development in last year's season finale (coming on top of the silly "April" storyline) which unbelievably undid so much of Lorelai's personal growth (the "myopic and self-centered" you refer to fits here) and years we'd invested in viewing the characters, that I've been taping this year's episodes but haven't yet watched them. I'm one of those "always read the ending of a book" first kind of people (grin) and I wanted to make sure I would like the outcome before I invested the time in watching this season. (I did, however, watch the episode shot at USC earlier this season...) Of course, by the time I decide to watch it will be out on DVD and I'll probably just get that and erase the tapes!

My daughter reports that they have slowly been correcting the plot issues and she is much more satisfied with the second half of the current season...I'll be interested to see for myself down the road, and also assess the changes you have noticed in the dialogue and plotting.

Best wishes, Laura

3:35 PM  

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