Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Arrogance of John McCain, Continued

Scott Johnson of Power Line has done some very interesting reporting on exactly what transpired when John McCain cussed out a fellow Senator during the negotiations on the immigration deal.

It's even worse than reported. McCain didn't simply dismiss Senator Cornyn's concerns, he told him to leave the room so that the other senators could "expedite" completion of a deal.

Cornyn said, "Wait a minute. We’ve been meeting for three months on this in good faith, and now you parachute in here this morning and tell me to leave? I think you’re out of line."

At which point Senator McCain let loose with another expletive and claimed "I know more about immigration than anybody in this room!"

Power Line's Johnson: "Two weeks ago, Senator McCain defended his reputation as a hothead on Fox News Sunday, saying he loses his temper only when he sees corruption and wasteful spending. This incident involved neither. It was instead a simple policy dispute, where he didn’t want to debate how his legislation would actually work."

This man should not, and will not, be President.

Incidentally, Power Line also reports that "The bill released yesterday does not include the provision designed to end catch-and-release."

Is there no end to the giveaways in this bill?


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