Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New on DVD: Tyrone Power Swashbuckler Set

A great-looking set was released today containing five Tyrone Power films: BLOOD AND SAND, CAPTAIN FROM CASTILE, SON OF FURY, THE BLACK ROSE, and PRINCE OF FOXES.

Extras include commentaries, documentaries, and newsreels.

BLOOD AND SAND isn't one of my favorite Power films, but the Technicolor is remarkably gorgeous -- and so are two of my favorite actresses, Linda Darnell and Rita Hayworth. Another favorite actress, Gene Tierney, stars opposite Power in SON OF FURY. I'm not familiar with THE BLACK ROSE or PRINCE OF FOXES.

CAPTAIN FROM CASTILE is the source of some fun USC trivia: Alfred Newman's "Conquest" march from CASTILE became one of USC's most popular marches just a few years later. It is played after every football victory and on many other occasions. It can be heard here at YouTube.

There is a long Newman connection with USC, which has an Alfred Newman Recital Hall. Other members of the famed family of film composers have attended the university, and Alfred's nephew, composer Randy Newman, is on the board of USC's music school.

Also out today: THE BEST OF THE ADVENTURES OF OZZIE AND HARRIET, containing 24 of the best episodes which aired between 1952 and 1966, along with commentaries, home movies, a radio episode, and more.

A nice interview with David Nelson can be read here. Fun to note he's a USC Trojan, incidentally!

As an aside, I've been enjoying RICKY NELSON'S GREATEST HITS over the past year. Fun driving music.


Blogger Mrs. R said...

I'm interviewed on one of the features, and I think the features were all very well done. I love the artwork on the set, too. My favorites are Son of Fury and Captain from Castile.

6:19 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

How interesting, would you like to share more about your role? Glad to hear the features are well done.

I'm especially looking forward to the two films you mention!

Best wishes, Laura

7:42 PM  

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