Sunday, July 29, 2007

Brent Musburger Calls NASCAR (Nooooo!)

NASCAR coverage moves to ESPN with today's race at Indy. Unfortunately, with that move comes Brent Musburger acting as the telecast "host."


I guess you could say we're not Musburger fans. My husband and I are old enough to remember Musburger doing the Southern California news on KNXT (now KCBS) in the '70s, so this is a long-held opinion. His sports work hasn't upped our opinion in the intervening decades.

From the Deseret Morning News: "Brent Musburger will be the lead voice of NASCAR on the ESPN networks, and he's up-front about his relative lack of expertise. 'I'm not an expert on automobile racing... However, the one thing that NASCAR has always had ... and that I love the best of all are the stories that come out of it -- the human drama, if you will, and the personalities.'

"That's got to sound a little bit scary to NASCAR fans... If he's going to concentrate on personalities rather than the actual event he's supposed to be covering, well, that's going to tick a few people off."

That sounds scarily like network broadcasts of the Olympics the last few years, dramatizing them as soap opera miniseries instead of actually showing more than a few minutes at a time of sports coverage.

At least there's Rusty Wallace providing color commentary.

No one can touch Fox Sports' coverage of NASCAR...I wish they did it year round.


Blogger Unknown said...

Musberger is the worst announcer in sports. I was very unimpressed by ESPN's coverage. I was hoping that they were really going to up their game, but FOX and TNT are ten times better. Hopefully it will get better, but Musberger has to go!

11:45 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I still haven't forgiven Musburger for announcing one of USC's hand signals over the airwaves last fall...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Here's hoping ESPN improves.

Best wishes,

11:49 PM  

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