Saturday, July 21, 2007

Fox Classics DVD Site

Check out this Fox Classics DVD site, which includes a list of upcoming DVD's.

A couple of their upcoming musicals are interesting as they are relatively unknown titles. There have been rumors there's a Sonja Henie set in the works, as well as a second Betty Grable set, but there is no hint of that as yet on the site. I'm also hoping for titles like CENTENNIAL SUMMER and THREE LITTLE GIRLS IN BLUE to show up in the Marquee Musicals series.

I'm also particularly hoping Fox releases two of my favorite Jeanne Crain titles, MARGIE and APARTMENT FOR PEGGY.

The listing of BOOMERANG! under "coming soon" gives hope that that film might finally be officially released on DVD. Previously the release has been rumored to be completely dead for legal reasons, though some copies made it into the marketplace before Fox instituted a recall.

DANGEROUS CROSSING (Jeanne Crain again!) and BLACK WIDOW (Ginger Rogers, Gene Tierney, Van Heflin) are two more promising noir titles coming soon. I taped a pan and scan copy of the latter film from Fox Movie Channel but haven't watched it yet. I've never seen DANGEROUS CROSSING.

Another Fox title that's "gone missing" is TWO FLAGS WEST, a Robert Wise Western starring Joseph Cotten and Linda Darnell. The trailer has appeared on at least one other Fox Western DVD, but there is no sign of the title on the website. Fox has released some great Westerns, including YELLOW SKY, THE LAST WAGON, and THE PROUD ONES. It would be nice if they'd develop a specific line of Western DVDs.

I hope Fox is going to revive the great Studio Classics series. In the meantime, their Cinema Classics, Marquee Musicals, and Film Noir series are keeping film fans very happy.

(Hat tip: Something Old, Nothing New.)

August 2009 Update: The Fox Classics DVD site is now defunct, and is simply an online Fox store.


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