Monday, July 23, 2007

Hillary Wants to Nationalize Preschools

As previously posted here, Senator Hillary Clinton supports the concept of universal preschool.

Now comes word that Hillary, in essence, wants to "nationalize" private preschools.

Last Thursday she proposed a bill which would "give states $28 billion over five years to incorporate the nation's 120,000 preschools now run in firms, churches and storefronts into a government-run system."

Along these lines, Rush Limbaugh warned today that if Democrats gain control of both Congress and the Presidency, outlawing homeschooling will be on their agenda. I don't think that's makes sense, as Democrats prize government control above all else. They also value "controlling" options such as throwing money at the status quo, even if it's mediocre, to more creative options with less governmental control -- such as school choice and vouchers. One has to wonder if Democrats are suddenly going to wake up to the existence of millions of homeschooling kids and want to bring them under government control.

After all, if kids aren't in government schools, they won't receive Senator Obama's "age appropriate" kindergarten sex education, among other things...


Blogger Dana said...

I've said it once if I've said it a thousand times - politicians need to keep their hands off our children!

Homeschooling (as you well know) is the last vestige of sovereignty the parents have over the quality and content of the children's education. To have that wiped out would be the strongest statement possible telling parents they are not qualified and that the government is better in every way -even raising one's children.

2:08 PM  

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