Friday, July 20, 2007

'Twas the Night Before Harry

And so, in a few hours, the wait till be over.

I've never read a word of a HARRY POTTER book, but I'm excited for the rest of the family, particularly Eldest Daughter, who will be camped out in front of the house, waiting for Amazon to come through for her one last time. If she follows the practice of the last three or so books, once it arrives she will then retire to her room and not come out again until she finishes the book a few hours later.

My husband has second dibs and will likely start it on Sunday. :)

We have fond memories of a trip to Washington, D.C., a few years ago, within days of a POTTER book's release. It seemed that everywhere we turned, including on the Metrorail trains, we saw people carrying HARRY POTTER. My husband, in fact, had read it on the airplane on our way to D.C.

I am steering clear of most news stories for a few days -- I don't want to inadvertently give anything away to the rest of the family! -- but I did peek at the headline of one review this evening which terms the book "stupendous." I will say no more!

I hope all Harry's fans have a grand weekend and that the book is everything hoped for and more!


Blogger UGN said...

So what is stopping you from reading it? I've never opened it up either; I have too many other books to read and it never seems to be a priority.

5:25 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Although I love classic KidLit, fantasy's not so much my thing. (Never got into Tolkien, for example, or L'Engle; I did read the Narnia books one time each.) The British "school" background does have appeal and might induce me to try them eventually. I am the lone person in our family of six who hasn't read them. (The 9-year-old was only just allowed to read Book 5 this summer; the books mature with the characters, and his dad and oldest sister say he needs to wait till he's older for Book 6.)

Although I haven't read the actual books, I enjoy reading about them (grin). For those who enjoy fantasy fiction I highly recommend LaShawn Barber's site, Fantasy Fiction for Christians in which she analyzes the themes in Potter, Narnia, et al.


6:04 PM  

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