Sunday, July 29, 2007

Universal Food? Universal Clothes?

Deroy Murdock wonders why health care is so consistently singled out as a "universal right." There are other things we need to live healthy lives, such as clothes, shoes, food, and housing.

Meanwhile in Canada, the survivor of a cancerous brain tumor who had to seek treatment in the United States is suing for the right to have private health insurance, "claiming that the province’s ban on private health insurance and private billing by physicians infringed on his constitutional right to life, liberty and security."

In a recent court decision, Quebec allowed a citizen who was made to wait nearly a year for a hip replacement to buy health insurance. (Hat tip: Ugly Naked Guy.)

Back in the States, an employer is docking the pay of those employees who do not meet guidelines for cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight.

On the one hand, the argument can be made that it is reasonable to require employees whose health insurance costs more to pay more for their coverage via their pay being cut.

But on the other hand, it seems as though it might be a short step from this to employers trying to control other aspects of employees' lives. We're already seeing taxpayer-funded healthcare costs used as an excuse for the government to attempt to control citizens' personal choices through legislation.

This seems like a slippery slope, with nanny state-ism moving into the workplace.


Blogger Retro Roger said...

Jefferson had it right: a nation of small, independent farmers. No longer possible, but certainly an ideal. They originally put D.C. in a tidal swamp so the politicans wouldn't hang around too long and cause trouble. (Unfortunately, they didn't foresee air conditioning.) I love the hillbilly life! Hicks on the land with a shotgun on the front porch don't care about government gobbleygook, columnists for the New York Times, or Hillary Clinton. When I go into town and see the pear-shaped people at Wal-Mart, half of them on the dole, it makes me want to cry. Only the tough pioneer spirit of yesteryear can save us from Socialism. Good luck, though.

Love this blog, too!

11:17 AM  

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