Tuesday, August 14, 2007

HSM2 Countdown Continues

I found myself at Target by 8:15 this morning, so that my 12-year-old, babysitting money in hand, could buy the new HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 CD. I have a feeling I'm going to know the songs very well by Friday...

Sunday the L.A. Times ran a couple fun stories related to the upcoming movie: "It is impossible to overstate the importance of this event in so many young lives. The Disney Channel's 2006 movie 'High School Musical' remains a bona-fide phenomenon, a success so huge that the human brain cannot quite fathom it."

The author, Mary McNamara, describes HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL as "...a sweet, wholesome story with swinging good tunes and a truly aspirational message..."; "...the kids express real teenage emotion without damaging property or even uttering a 'sucks.'" (More on that word in another post.)

The Times also published an interview with director-choreographer Kenny Ortega, who related how a musical number on a baseball diamond in the upcoming film was influenced by Gene Kelly.


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