Friday, August 17, 2007

High School Musical 2: The Reviews

My kids have discovered that Disney Channel has an onscreen countdown clock today. Too funny!

USA Today: "...a first-rate family film: sweet, smart, bursting with talent and energy, and awash in innocence."

Reuters: "Passes With Flying Colors: ...there's more than positive social impact to praise here. Director Kenny Ortega, who shares choreography credit with Charles Klapow and Bonnie Story, puts the young cast through some exciting moves. One number in particular, 'I Can't Dance,' performed on a ball field, would be a show-stopper almost anywhere."

San Jose Mercury News: "More Fun Than Original: ...the good news is that, if anything, the creators have managed to improve on the basic formula. The big numbers - staged with considerable panache...have even more zip. The songs are better - particularly the opening 'What Time Is It' and 'You Are the Music In Me,' the big romantic power ballad. Overall, the sequel has such energy that it's hard not to get caught up in it. Most importantly, the core cast...doesn't phone it in."

L.A. Times: "Zippier, bouncier, prettier, more soulful and even more musical...and that's saying something... Bright and shiny and bursting with pep."

Sounds like there will be Joy in Disneyland tonight, so to speak. :) I'm really delighted to hear that the sequel appears to be such a high-quality production.


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