Thursday, September 20, 2007

Around the Blogosphere This Week

Random links from around the Internet for your reading pleasure...

At the subject link, Mark Davis writes about Hillarycare in "A Bad Idea Then, a Bad Idea Now." I love how Hillary is trying to camouflage her socialized healthcare plan by calling it the "American Health Choices Plan." Talk about deceptive!

Why Not Ted Olson: Robert Novak on how Ted Olson was passed over for Attorney General, in favor of Michael Mukasey. I'm unimpressed by the decision to choose Mukasey over Olson, to say the least...

Stelter Back to Blogging: Brian Stelter, who created TV Newser while a college student, followed his graduation with starting a new job at the New York Times this summer. He'll soon return to blogging as the paper's TV Decoder.

Brown Mulls Run for Governor in 2010: The subheadine about California's Jerry Brown says it all..."Attorney general says state's biggest problem is global warming." Yep, Moonbeam Brown is at it again. (Thanks to Dana for the tip on this in the comments the other day.)

Full Fat Milk Makes You Thinner: Once again, conventional medical and health wisdom is turned upside down. (Hat tip: Sallie's Stack.)

Earnhardt Finally Unveils New Number and Sponsor: Dale Jr.'s new gear may strike many fans, who are used to his bright red, as bland. Still, it's neat that his new car number, 88, was once driven by his grandfather, Ralph Earnhardt.

This Just In: Back to You is Solid: I recorded this and am looking forward to checking it out this weekend.


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