Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bill Clinton, Obnoxious Boor

Former President Clinton is pulling a "John Kerry" and claiming that multiple foreign leaders are rooting for Hillary to become President.

Clinton told a crowd at a recent fundraiser "Every African leader I talked to, every single one when I was there, without any prodding from me, said, 'For God sakes, I hope Hillary wins. We don't like disliking America here.' I called the outgoing French president, and he said, 'Oh, tell me Hillary's going to win. I'm so tired of disliking America.'"

The New York Daily News couldn't find a foreign leader who would back up the former President's claim.

The sad thing is that the former President doesn't seem to realize how he's running down his own country by enthusiastically trumpeting how much we are supposedly disliked by others. And naturally, the concept of a dignified Presidential retirement has gone out the window with Bill Clinton. The thought of the Clintons and their endless soap opera potentially front and center for the next nine years boggles the mind.

As for those foreign leaders who supposedly dislike our entire nation because of our current President, I'd like to invite them to keep right on disliking us by electing a Republican President.


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