Sunday, September 30, 2007

On Hillary's Laugh

That strange, uncomfortably loud laugh that's been employed by Hillary Clinton of late is analyzed by Patrick Healy in the New York Times.

Putting aside issues of greater substance, I have to wonder: as Americans listen to Hillary's cackle over the next year, are they really going to want to vote to listen to it for four more years?

(Hat tip: Power Line.)


Blogger Irene said...

Interesting article. To this paragraph,

"Clinton advisers find the interest in her laugh a little laughable. They fall somewhere between bemused and irritated by questions that suggest Mrs. Clinton is less than genuine — like whether her use of laughter during an interview was a way for her to undercut a serious question or to avoid answering it altogether."

I respond ... gee, you think?

11:08 PM  

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