Tuesday, October 16, 2007

$1.1 Billion Overhaul for Disney's California Adventure

The rumored changes for Disney's California Adventure are about to come to fruition, as Disney has announced a $1.1 billion overhaul of the park.

The revamp will take place over the next five years and includes the addition of a CARS land.

Under the Eisner/Pressler regime, DCA was supposed to be an "edgy" park without much overt Disney theming. This plan -- including a lack of family-friendly rides and too many unoriginal, penny-pinching "off the shelf" rides -- flopped. Gradually more family rides and more "Disney" were introduced at the park, along with rides that were Disney-specific, such as Monsters Inc. (which is in the tradition of the classic Disney "dark" rides) and Tower of Terror.

There is much to enjoy in DCA, but it simply wasn't built on a scale that compares to other Disney parks. While it's been improved since its opening, it sounds as though it will soon be even better -- starting with the Toy Story ride opening in Summer 2008.

Wednesday Update: An update is posted above.

Thursday Update: Another update has been posted today.


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