Sunday, October 14, 2007

Around the Blogosphere This Week

It's been a busy weekend with the College Girl home for a couple of days. Back to more regular blogging on Monday! In the meantime, here are some interesting reads I've bookmarked over the last few days:

Michelle Malkin (subject link) on the Democrats once again using an "unassailable victim" -- a child -- to promote their expansion of the SCHIP insurance program to the middle class: "Question for Grown-Ups: Who Deserves Government-Subsized Health Insurance?"

Michelle wrote more here; see also Power Line on "Meanies, Hypocrites, and the Infantilization of Politics."

(Monday Update: Michelle Malkin writes that the Democrats have chosen yet another family of "unassailable victims" -- who already qualify for SCHIP yet are being used as propaganda for spreading the program to those who are 400% above poverty level, up to age 25.)

Schwarzenegger Vetoes California DREAM Act: The rejection of college financial aid for illegal immigrants was a good move, but what's with signing the pro-homosexual school bills?

Gore Gets a Cold Shoulder: A prominent scientist is exasperated by Al Gore and his movie, and accuses Gore and global warming alarmists of "brainwashing our children."

Rush Limbaugh Earns Big Money From Senate Letter Chastising Him: This Fox News headline has it all wrong, implying Rush is personally making money from the letter. The auction, which currently has a top bid of $41,000, is to benefit the children of marines and law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. Fox doesn't make this clear until the second paragraph of the story.

Picky Eaters? They Get It From You: Some scientists think children's food aversions are 78% genetic, rather than environmental or learned behavior.

Maria Von Trapp's Stepson Dead at 91: Mark Steyn has written a brief remembrance of Werner Von Trapp. Werner was renamed "Kurt" in THE SOUND OF MUSIC; his siblings were also renamed in the musical, and the oldest was switched from being a boy to a girl. They also left out that Maria and the Captain had two daughters together, and Maria was pregnant with their son when they hiked over the mountains! For the real story, read THE STORY OF THE TRAPP FAMILY SINGERS by Maria von Trapp.

A Conversation With Drew Casper: An interview with USC's great cinema professor, who recently published a new book on post-war Hollywood. Casper's books on Stanley Donen and Vincente Minnelli are already on my shelves.

Mario Batali Pizza Pan: We're interested in learning to make pizza and have heard some good things about this pan. But the reviews indicating the handles are fragile concern me. If anyone has any recommendations for pizza pans, feel free to share in the comments!


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Enjoyed reading your blog. I'm also a homeschooling mom, but my twins graduated in May so I started a blog to have an outlet for my writing. Would love for you to check out and I'm going to add your page to my blog roll.

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