Friday, October 19, 2007

The Marine Corps - Law Enforcement Foundation

Mark Hemingway of NRO on the history of this fine charity, which has been supported by Rush Limbaugh since early in its existence.

The auction of Harry Reid's smear letter closes today. At this writing the high bid is over $2,100,000.

Harry Reid's tried to take some credit for this on the floor of the Senate today, saying he'd never thought it would generate the kind of money that is being generated. He encouraged people to go to eBay and bid! Rush noted that Reid acting as though he's been involved all along is almost Orwellian...of course, Reid didn't apologize to Rush...or mention Rush is matching the high bid. Nor did he take Rush up on the challenge to match the high bid himself.

Meanwhile, here's a transcript of Rush's appearance on HANNITY AND COLMES last night.

Previous posts on this topic: October 18th and October 12th, 2007.

The Auction Has Ended: The high bid was $2,100,100.

Congratulations and thanks to Rush and the high bidder for doing a great thing for a wonderful charity.

Update: The winning bidder is philanthropist Betty Casey. Here's one article I found about Mrs. Casey's charitable work. She donates to hospitals, colleges, and the Salvation Army, among other worthy organizations.

Afternoon Update: Captain's Quarters on Harry Reid trying to take some of the glory while paying none of the price, and Thomas Lifson on the media's non-coverage of the auction (Rush's "political jiu-jitsu masterstroke"). Will the mainstream media blackout continue?


Blogger Dana said...

Again today, I looked through the LAT for any mention of this historic auction and good news of 4 mil being donated to such a worthy cause, and nothing. I have to wonder if its because they are working on how to spin it so Harry Reid's pathetic attempt to be the catalyst behind Rush's auction finds just the right tone of martyrdom or false humility.

10:12 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

It's sad, isn't it? And from what I've read at Power Line, NewsBusters and elsewhere, the MSM coverage that exists is still misrepresenting what originally happened (taking it as a given that Rush dissed the troops) and making the Democrats look as good as possible)...

Best wishes,

10:20 AM  

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