Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More on the California Adventure Renovation

More news on the $1.1 billion redesign of Disney's California Adventure described here yesterday.

An anti-Disney Anaheim Councilman quoted by the L.A. Times alleges this announcement is to buy off voters to take Disney's side in the ongoing issue regarding changing the character of the resort area by putting low-income housing next to the parks.

The councilman is the one guilty of politicizing this overhaul. The changes to DCA have been in the works for a very long time, as those who have followed Disney park websites are aware.

The insistence of Anaheim politicians on plopping an "affordable housing" project -- which would doubtless soon be run down, if not dangerous -- into the middle of the resort area is baffling, considering how the project could ultimately damage the city -- and its tax revenues.

Disney is holding a press conference today to formally announce their plans. Watch MiceAge for more news.

Update: 2719 Hyperion has Disney's press release detailing the plans, many of which have been rumored in the past at MiceAge; see my post of August 30, 2007.

L.A. Observed focuses on the news that the renovated park will include a replica of the Carthay Circle Theater, home to the premieres of SNOW WHITE and FANTASIA. Some great old postcards of the Carthay Circle can be seen at Blackwing Diaries.

Thursday: Another update is above.


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