Friday, November 09, 2007

New Book: Rescuing Sprite

Mark Levin is getting great word of mouth and sales -- currently No. 4 at Amazon -- for his new book, RESCUING SPRITE: A DOG LOVER'S STORY OF JOY AND ANGUISH.

The book, about the love and loss of a pet dog, sounds like kind of a tough read, but reviews I've read also say it's a beautiful story.

Kathryn Jean Lopez recently interviewed Mark Levin about his book. He also describes how the family's other dog, Pepsi, helped him recover from complications following heart bypass surgery. It's a lengthy, very interesting article which is worth the read in and of itself.

David Limbaugh, a close friend of Levin's, wrote a touching column about the book today.

Levin will guest on Rush Limbaugh's show on Friday, November 16th.


Blogger windycorner said...

This is going to be my Christmas gift to our next door neighbor-a veterinarian. He owns an eleven-year-old yellow lab that someone brought to him to be put down two years ago. when the lady brought Duke in the office, he jumped up and gave the vet a hug. The doctor just couldn't go through with the procedure, so he asked the lady's permission to adopt the dog. Duke has been the love of their lives ever since and is still going strong.

11:36 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

What a great story. He sounds like my kind of vet! The book sounds like it will make just the right gift.

We adopted a dog (or maybe I should say he adopted us!) this past summer and it has been a great experience. :)

Best wishes,

11:55 PM  

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