Tuesday, February 12, 2008

David Limbaugh: "GOP Rearrangement Syndrome"

Yesterday Andy McCarthy wrote about McCain Estrangement Syndrome; today David Limbaugh suggests the problem is also GOP Rearrangement Syndrome:

"...what we are witnessing is a resurrection of the historical GOP turf war between the Reagan conservatives and the disgruntled Rockefeller moderates. This neo-Rockefeller branch of the GOP sees this moment -- McCain's inevitable nomination, albeit by default, and the politically confused state of evangelicals under the tutelage of Mike Huckabee -- as an opportunity finally to retake the GOP from the Reagan conservatives. Think of it as GOP Rearrangement Syndrome.

"They want to remake the party in their image. They are the neoconservatives, the national-greatness types who profess to believe in conservative ideals but have no problem achieving them through liberal ends -- i.e., more government."


Blogger AmPowerBlog said...

Whoo hoo!! Go neocons!!

Did you see Ross Douthat's essay?

"This sort of purism [like Limbaugh's] would have been folly in Mr. Reagan’s era, when conservatism was an insurgency with its greatest victories still ahead of it, and there were real liberal Republicans to slay along the way. It represents political suicide today."

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