Friday, April 18, 2008

Coming to DVD: The Carmen Miranda Collection

This June 17th Fox is releasing The Carmen Miranda Collection.

The five films included will be GREENWICH VILLAGE, IF I'M LUCKY, SOMETHING FOR THE BOYS, DOLL FACE, and what is perhaps Miranda's best-known film, THE GANG'S ALL HERE.

THE GANG'S ALL HERE was released on DVD last year as part of the Alice Faye Collection, but the universal consensus was that it was a terrible print, far below Fox's usual standards. Fox is going back to the drawing board and the movie is being newly remastered for the Carmen Miranda set. I wonder if Fox will offer a disc exchange program for those who obtained THE GANG'S ALL HERE last year; it certainly would be appropriate.

Details on the extras can be read at DVD Times; they include a four-part documentary on Miranda, a deleted scene and photo galleries. The same extras which accompanied THE GANG'S ALL HERE in the Faye Collection appear again here.

More good stuff is coming from Fox: as I wrote last month, Professor Drew Casper of USC, a frequent contributor to Fox DVD extras, confirmed to me that after the release of the Miranda set, we can look forward to Alice Faye Vol. 2 and Betty Grable Vol. 2.


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