Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Book: Adrian: Silver Screen to Custom Label

There's a new film book out that should be a feast for the eyes: ADRIAN: SILVER SCREEN TO CUSTOM LABEL by Christian Esquevin.

Adrian, as film fans will be aware, was a great MGM costume designer whose best-known work includes THE WOMEN, WATERLOO BRIDGE, THE PHILADELPHIA STORY, ZIEGFELD GIRL, and even THE WIZARD OF OZ. He was married to actress Janet Gaynor.

I own another book on Adrian's career, GOWNS BY ADRIAN: THE MGM YEARS 1928-1941 by Howard Gutner. It's filled with glossy photographs and comments on his designs for specific films.

There are a handful of books on costume design for the movies, such as David Chierichetti's book on Edith Head, but it's a topic which hasn't received nearly enough attention from film historians. I would love to see more books on the work of specific designers who contributed so much to classic movies.


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