Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tonight's Movie: No More Ladies (1935)

NO MORE LADIES is a light, glossy comedy which provides excellent entertainment.

Playboy Sheridan "Sherry" Warren (Robert Montgomery) marries Marcia (Joan Crawford), but despite his love for Marcia, Sherry just can't seem to stop himself from spending time with other ladies. So Marcia decides to use Jim (Franchot Tone, who married Crawford that year) to make Sherry jealous.

Although the plot could be a downer, it's all handled with such a light touch that it's simply fun. No one really believes for a minute that Sherry and Marcia won't end up living happily ever after.

The grand supporting cast includes Edna May Oliver, Charlie Ruggles, Gail Patrick, Arthur Treacher, Vivienne Osborne, Reginald Denny, and in her first film, Joan Burfield, who would soon be known forever after as Joan Fontaine.

The film was directed by Edward H. Griffith and an uncredited George Cukor, who took over when Griffith became ill. The witty screenplay was cowritten by Donald Ogden Stewart (THE PHILADELPHIA STORY). Crawford's beautiful gowns were designed by Adrian. The art design by Cedric Gibbons is particularly splendid, with one dazzling set after another.

This black and white film runs 80 minutes. The trailer is here.

NO MORE LADIES has not had a release on video or DVD, but can be seen on TCM. Click here in order to vote your interest in a DVD release.

Crawford and Montgomery costarred many times during their MGM careers. A review of their excellent film THE LAST OF MRS. CHENEY is here.

Update: This film is now available from the Warner Archive. My review of the DVD is here.


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