Thursday, July 03, 2008

Chris Wallace on Fox News and Media Bias

Chris Wallace in a recent interview: ""When I was in the mainstream media, when I was working at NBC and ABC [...] I thought we were fair and balanced. But since coming to Fox four and a half years ago, I have come to see things a little differently. And I, in fact, do believe there is a bias in the mainstream media and that is something I was only able to understand when I was outside of it."

I have to admit that I wasn't happy when Wallace first arrived at Fox and replaced Tony Snow as the moderator of Fox News Sunday, and I didn't particularly care for his work early on. But I've come to appreciate him and think he usually does a good job of being "fair and balanced."

(Hat tip: NewsBusters.)


Blogger UGN said...

I don't have cable but the handful of times I have seen Fox News over the years have left me scratching my head: they seem just as biased as the rest to me. What am I missing?

10:45 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Maybe you need to watch it a little longer to get the full effect? Some of the main differences include story selection, particularly on Brit Hume's Special Report; they will focus on stories the MSM won't touch. They give equal time to conservatives and their panels are typically at least half conservative, compared to the token conservative (i.e., George Will) on network discussion panels. They don't sneer at the conservative position. (Compare how any of the network evening newscasts are framed to Special Report and you'll see what I mean.)

On their regular newscasts the differences aren't always so apparent. Shep Smith was among the worst of the hysterical Katrina coverage, for example.

Best wishes,

11:03 AM  

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