Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dodgers Win Reverse No-Hitter

An unusual slice of baseball history tonight: The Los Angeles Dodgers were no-hit by the Anaheim Angels, yet the Dodgers won the game, 1-0.

Angels pitchers Jered Weaver and Jose Arredondo didn't allow the home team Dodgers a hit over 8 innings, but the Dodgers scored their single run on a sacrifice.

Vin Scully says technically the game isn't a no-hitter because the Angels didn't pitch the 9th inning.

This is only the 5th game since 1900 when a hitless team has won.

A photo gallery is here.

In other baseball news, here's an interesting story about former Angel Tim Salmon's visit to the troops in Afghanistan.

Update: Times columnist Bill Plaschke on the Dodgers' historically "bizarre" and "magical" win (adjectives courtesy of Dodgers manager Joe Torre).


Blogger Dana said...

Laura, my hub and son were at this game sitting in the luxury box of the Campanella family. A friend of a friend of a work collegaue, etc. Unfortunately, when the socre was made, a person also in the luxury box, decided to introduce herself to the hub & son and chatter away! Too bad. (They said the box was very nice and all the food provided even better).

9:39 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Wow, what a tremendous evening they had, Dana! A special evening in deluxe seats, and a historic game too! When one thinks of the thousands of games played in the last century plus, and that was only the fifth time in modern baseball history that a team was "no-hit" and

It all sounds fabulous!

Best wishes,

10:46 PM  

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