Friday, July 18, 2008

Obama Flubs Again

There's video out of a new speech in which Senator Obama refers to "the bomb that fell on Pearl Harbor."

Say what?

No Republican would ever have survived such a succession of gaffes. By now the media heckling would have drowned out every other aspect of the campaign.

For another example of the scary prospect of an ignorant Obama leading our country, check out this video at Power Line.

One of the campaign promises that particularly caught my eye was his pledge to "cut investments in unproven missile defense systems."

Just think if Ronald Reagan had refused to invest in the "Star Wars" missile defense system because it was "unproven"...

Apparently Senator Obama feels the way to a safer world is to stop investing in protecting our nation.

Power Line has another interesting post about Obama calling for a "civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded" as the military. It's worth reading and contemplating at length, along with a post by Ed Morrissey.

In other news, the Obama campaign is flip-flopping on the candidate speaking at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Obama's spokesman said, "The one thing that Barack made clear to us very early is that he didn’t think it made sense at all for him to speak at the Brandenburg Gate which he thought would be, perhaps, too presumptuous."

The press has previously reported that Obama requested to speak at the gate, and the campaign did not act promptly to dispute the story. You do the math...

Finally, NewsBusters has an interesting story comparing the lack of coverage for John McCain's last trip overseas, in contrast to all three network news anchors accompanying Obama. If it weren't already clear that the networks are in full pro-Obama campaign mode, this certainly erases any doubt.


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