Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Day After

I woke up this morning feeling rather like my supposedly underdog team won the World Series last night. I couldn't help but mentally comparing my reaction to last night to how I felt in October of '88 and '02!

Sarah Palin's speech last night was the stuff of legend. As Cathy said in the comments for last night's post, I can't stop smiling.

I think her line about getting rid of the Governor's private plane -- "I sold it on eBay" -- was likely worth a couple points in the polls in and of itself.

One of the biggest impressions Sarah Palin made on me, after the trial by fire she's experienced over the last few days: She absolutely refused to be a victim. What a huge change from what we heard at the Democratic convention, where even the members of our military were cast as helpless victims.

The other thing, which is on the bizarre side, is members of the media -- grasping for any possible criticism or way to weaken Palin -- reminding us that she didn't write the speech. Mort Kondracke, who has been the essence of Beltway snobbery for the last few days, had to concede the speech was "brilliant," but then he and Nina Easton rushed to mention that someone else had written it. Well, duh, as Brit Hume pointed out a bit more eloquently. Do they think we don't realize most politicians have speechwriters? And if they mentioned that point after Obama's speech, I sure don't remember it.

An added bonus to Governor Palin's speech was the tender moment of Piper caring for her baby brother. Can you say adorable?

Much more later, but for the moment, homeschooling and business call. My 8th grader is starting Spanish 1 today, and the 5th grader is curled up with THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES.

It's a good day all the way around.

Update: Andy McCarthy on the Happy Warrior.


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