Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Book: Born Country: How Faith, Family, and Music Brought Me Home

One of my all-time favorite country music groups is Alabama. It was thus a nice surprise to find lead singer Randy Owen appeared on HANNITY & COLMES earlier this week when I caught up with it via my DVR.

Randy has written his autobiography, which immediately went on my Christmas wish list. The book is said to "weave in the Alabama story, Randy’s own experiences with temptation in the face of superstar status, and how he held on to his traditional, Christian values over time."

Alabama had a remarkable 42 No. 1 hit singles. I own many of their CDs -- and, dating myself here, a couple LP's. I'd be hard-pressed to name my favorite Alabama song, although if I hear "Love in the First Degree" it immediately carries me back to my college years; during that time period a couple college friends and I made the drive from Redlands to the L.A. Sports Arena to see an Alabama concert, which is a great memory. (Johnny Lee and Mickey Gilley were the opening acts...)

Randy also has a new solo album, ONE ON ONE, which includes a single written to raise funds for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

For those who are new to Alabama's music, the 25th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION is a great place to start. For less expensive options, try ULTIMATE ALABAMA: 20 #1 HITS or IN THE MOOD: THE LOVE SONGS.

Saturday Update: Many thanks to Moira Finnie for sharing this link to a new NPR interview with Randy Owen.


Blogger Moira Finnie said...

Hi Laura,
I thought that you and your readers might like to know that they can hear a funny and touching interview with Randy Owen on NPR here:
I heard it in the car this morning on my way to work and loved it--especially Owen's comment about our need for that most forgotten of professions: the farmer.
Your pal,

7:18 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks so much, Moira! I'm looking forward to listening to it.

Best wishes,

8:45 AM  

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