Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Website: Big Hollywood

Big Hollywood is Andrew Breitbart's new site, which is meant to encourage conservatism in Hollywood.

More background on the site is at Power Line.

At first glance, there are some interesting posts. I particularly enjoyed John Nolte's "TCM Pick O' the Day" for Wednesday, the musical version of MY SISTER EILEEN (1955). The post spotlights the incredible dancing of Bob Fosse and Tommy Rall.

As someone who loves lists, I also enjoyed Nolte's "Top 5 Opening Scenes" which included TOUCH OF EVIL and THE SEARCHERS.

Nolte plans to continue Top 5 lists and spotlighting what's airing on TCM and Fox Movie Channel, along with reviewing recent releases.

Elsewhere on the site, Orson Bean writes "Where Are the Cinema Heroes Today?" and wonders where to find the modern-day equivalents of Spencer Tracy's Thomas Edison, Don Ameche's Alexander Graham Bell, Greer Garson's Madame Curie, Jimmy Stewart's Charles Lindbergh, and more.

Looks like this will be a site worth watching. I wish the site contributors success.

Wednesday Update: Here's a new post I enjoyed, Robert Avrech's list of the 10 best movies he screened in 2008. THE EASIEST WAY and CLUNY BROWN are high on my "to see" list. I actually saw CLUNY BROWN at the late, lamented Vagabond Theater in Los Angeles in the late '70s or early '80s, but haven't seen it since.


Blogger Dana said...

Laura, I read through a lot of it today and hope it continues to grow and provide such a wide variety of subject matter all tied closely or loosely to pop culture and the influences of Hwood.

I recommend Gary Graham's 'One Pissed Off Dude'. it's an in-your-face declaration of his refusal to yield to the unspoken command of keeping one's conservatism quiet and yielding to the liberals of Hollywood. He is a working actor and is tired of being stifled. It's a great piece.

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