Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Night Music: I Love a Rainy Night

Eddie Rabbitt was one of my favorite country singers.

In his relatively short career Eddie had over two dozen No. 1 hits. This upbeat tune (click title of this post) is my favorite among many great songs, which included "Drivin' My Life Away," "Someone Could Lose a Heart Tonight," "Two Dollars in the Jukebox," and "Just You and I," a duet with Crystal Gayle.

I also enjoyed knowing that Eddie was a fellow fan of POLDARK, to the extent that he and his wife named their daughter Demelza after the heroine.

Eddie died of cancer over a decade ago, at far too young an age, but his music lives on and continues to bring joy to his many fans.

Happy Friday!


Blogger Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

I'm still a huge Eddie Rabbitt fan, though I prefer his earlier stuff like (as you mentioned) Two Dollars in the Jukebox, You Don't Love Me Anymore, Hearts on Fire, I Don't Know Where to Start, Pour Me Another Tequila, etc. (One of the earliest 45s I owned was his first #1, Drinkin' My Baby Off My Mind.) Of course, some of his uptempo stuff wasn't bad--I had a fondness for Repetitive Regret and Nothin' Like Fallin' in Love.

My brother-in-law, when he resided in Franklin, TN, worked delivery for Domino's Pizza in high school and college and said Eddie came into the place one night to place an order for several pies, which he took to the Rabbitt Hutch, as it were. He said he was a real down-to-earth guy...but he had no idea what he did for a living. This did not set well with his wife, who loved ER more than I.

Bro-in-law did not think the same of Amy Grant, who also ordered a bunch of pizzas and stiffed him on the tip.

12:23 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Loved your comments, Ivan. Thanks so much for sharing your memories and personal anecdote. (I'm bummed to hear Amy Grant disappointed your BIL, though!) Think I'll play some more Eddie Rabbitt music today. :)

Best wishes,

8:42 AM  

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