Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coming to DVD: Summer Storm (1944)

SUMMER STORM, an early film from director Douglas Sirk, will be released on DVD October 20, 2009.

The movie stars Linda Darnell and George Sanders. I've never seen it and am really looking forward to catching up with it since it has such a great cast.

SUMMER STORM will be released by VCI Entertainment.

VCI has been regularly putting out interesting releases of classic films and TV shows. I just picked up their Dick Powell's Zane Grey Western Theatre in the big Deep Discount summer sale. We also have some DVD sets of THE LORETTA YOUNG SHOW and BURKE'S LAW, with lots of interesting guest stars, which I haven't yet had time to watch.


Blogger Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

I think you'll like this one, Laura -- it's not normally my cup o'tea but even I was entertained by it.

I caught this in the oddest of places -- it was scheduled on Encore's Love Stories channel about ten years ago.

7:08 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks for the feedback, Ivan! I'll look forward to it even more now. :)

Best wishes,

7:09 PM  

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