Thursday, September 03, 2009

Holiday Weekend and Sur La Table

My husband wanted to see some musician friends perform in a concert at South Coast Plaza tonight, and I tagged along with our 14-year-old daughter to do a little therapeutic end-of-summer shopping at stores like Williams-Sonoma and Borders. It made a nice start to the upcoming holiday weekend.

We were at the "Crystal Court" side of the mall, headed from Crate and Barrel to the USC Store, when what to our wondering eyes appeared but...

...Sur La Table! It just opened six days ago. I couldn't resist taking a couple cell phone snapshots.

It's huge! And so many nice brands. I don't know that it would replace Williams-Sonoma for me -- W-S is truly the "Disneyland" of cooking stores, with great customer service -- but Sur La Table was a lot of fun to explore.

My daughter the spatula collector left with new additions to her collection, including a spatula covered in smiley faces. I confined myself to a small porcelain pitcher for a little over $3...but in the words of the Governator, "I'll be back!"

Speaking of USC, the first home football game is this weekend! The USC Store had a fun BEAT SAN JOSE STATE! sign painted on the window.

Fall is quickly approaching...


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