Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Today at Disneyland: Thanksgiving Eve 2009

We spent a few hours at Disneyland late this afternoon. Happily, there was plenty of parking, the tram was uncrowded, and there wasn't a line to enter the park.

However, once we were inside we found it was quite crowded! I suspect the local "after school and work" crowds mostly stayed home, but there were plenty of guests who had probably been in the park all day.

St. Nick greeted us upon our arrival:

Some of the pretty seasonal merchandise on display:

Sleeping Beauty's Winter Castle by day...

...and by night.

The Castle transformed by jewel-like icicles after the light show which takes place several times each evening:

It's a Small World Holiday, which also has a wonderful light show set to music from THE NUTCRACKER:

The new "USA" room inside Small World, decorated for the holidays:

The ride's grand finale in the next two photos:

Seen in a window on Main Street (click to enlarge for a closer view):

Main Street USA transformed into a Christmas wonderland:

I love Disneyland year 'round, but there's just nothing like visiting Disneyland at this time of year.

Christmas is one month from today!

Happy Thanksgiving, all.


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