Friday, January 29, 2010

Today at Disneyland

After visiting Disney's California Adventure to check out the latest construction, we headed for Disneyland.

Today's beautiful flowers at Town Square, showing off January in California:

Friday afternoon on Main Street USA:

A pretty seasonal display in the window at Crystal Arts on Main Street:

Mickey and Walt in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle as the sun sets:

Sunset over Adventureland:

Space Mountain:

I love the holiday displays in the Market House window on Main Street:

One of my favorite spots, the Main Street Cone Shop:

The Castle in the distance on busy Main Street:

Although the last photo looks crowded, attendance was actually relatively light tonight compared to some of our recent visits.

We had a wonderful evening including riding the train, eating at Bengal Barbecue, and picking up the newly released spring issue of the Disney Twenty-Three magazine.

Happy weekend!


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